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Qualified Digger Derrick Training

Operator Network offers an affordable online Qualified Digger Derrick Training Curriculum that serves as a Qualification as well as a Prep course for NCCCO Digger Derrick exams. This training platform is designed to verify and validate the training required to meet the OSHA requirements for a Qualified Digger Derrick Operator. Our instructors are on call to assist you and your team to be fully prepared for the written NCCCO exams. Course takes approximately 12-15 hours to complete.

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What To Expect
This course can be accessed online anytime anywhere, eliminating being away in a classroom. The courses were built by field tested operators for operators. The learning management system is designed to help operators understand their progress in real time which dramatically improves the learning curve. Audio, video and animation provides an Innovative and engaging experience. Once each learning session is completed you will have a quiz, your results are delivered in real time, and this feature gives you the opportunity to review your results and move ahead. All Training courses are developed in compliance with OSHA ANSI and ASME.
Why Use Operator Network?
Primarily used for Qualification as well as a Prep course for certification. Pre-hire assessment, Skill assessment and Cross Training. Corporate Compliance that meets ASME, ANSI and OSHA. Affordable and effortless to get you or your team certified. No costly time away in a classroom At your pace, anywhere, anytime Flexibility for training on-demand accommodating busy production schedules Courses lay an educational foundation from the ground up
The 10 Learning Chapters

1 Digger Derrick Basics 2 hrs –

2 Components 1.5 hrs –

3 Inspections 1.5 hrs –

4 Site Evaluation 45 mins –

5 Electrical Hazards 45 mins –

6 Hand Signals 45 mins –

7 Stability 30 mins –

8 Rigging 1.5 hrs –

9 Rigging Hardware 1.5 hrs –

10 Load Charts 1.5 hrs


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