There are several ways a person can become certified, regardless of accreditation all certifying agencies must conform to the updated OSHA standards.

We will present the options available to you and how you can become a certified crane operator. We will discuss the pro’s and cons of certification as well as the costs associated with each method in the discussion forum at the bottom of the page.

  1.  Learning – a robust training program is just the start, no matter which way you go about it you must start with the basics. There are Community/Technical Colleges, Training Schools, Trade Organizations, Unions and online classes like Crane College to choose from.
  2. Training Programs – must include all aspects of crane operations, from Crane setup, Inspections, Safe Operating Procedures, Crane Dynamics, Load Charts, Rigging, Hand Signals, Regulations and the Operators Responsibilities while on the job. Almost all of these training programs are geared to meet the certification requirements set forth by OSHA, so be careful not to take courses that provide cheat sheets and short cuts, one must fully understand all aspects of crane operations. The lifting industry is plagued by certified operators who aren’t experienced, seat time and experience is critical.
  3. Seat Time – Trade Organizations, Companies with Mentoring Programs and Unions are the way to go when needing experience in the seat. Understanding the theory is vital but one cannot operate a crane without experience. So be sure to find the most viable method for obtaining the experience you need. We have a list of companies that offer robust practical training programs for those who have completed the Crane College theory.
  4. Certification –  If you are a Certified Crane Operator it doesn’t mean you are a crane operator it merely states that you have a license to operate a crane, OSHA mandates that by November 2017 all crane operators must be certified. There is no reason why you should not acquire this credential if this is your chosen trade.
  5. There are several options to consider, the most commonly used accreditation’s are:


  1. NCCCO – National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators
  2. CIC – Crane Institute Certification
  3. NCCER – National Center for Construction Education and Research
  4. IUOE – International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE)