mobile crane certification

Mobile Crane Certification for less than $1,000.

Mobile crane certification costs are hitting small companies where it hurts, the time it takes for good training, the testing fees and the practical exam are what we will be discussing in this article.

Test prep                                               $149

Written Test Core and Specialty        $215

Practical Test                                        $300-$500

Total cost                                              $864


The written exam consists of two parts, the core and specialty exams.

The mobile crane certification core exam;

The core exam has 90 multiple-choice questions with only 90 minutes to complete the test. This portion is required regardless of the type of crane you are specializing in, and covers all industry related questioning.

The mobile crane certification specialty exam;

 These tests consist of 26 multiple-choice questions, you are allowed 60 minutes to complete each Specialty Exam. This portion of the testing is geared towards load charts and crane specific questions.

The cost for the core and one specialty is $215

If you want a more detailed explanation visit:

NCCCO Certifications

Written Testing fees are as follows:

                       Paper      Computer test

Written Exam: Core                                                $165              $205

Written Exams: Core + 1 Specialty                      $165               $215

Written Exams: Core + 2 Specialties                   $175               $241

Written Exams: Core + 3 Specialties                   $185               $262

Written Exams: Core + 4 Specialties                   $195               $283

Written Exam: 1 Specialty only (Core passed) $65                 $100

For a more detailed list of fees that NCCCO charges visit:


To find a written testing location near you visit;

Preparing for the written Exam;

OperatorNetwork provides a comprehensive online mobile crane certification program for $149. The program covers the core and two specialties. With an option to select additional specialties at no cost. Testing and transcripts are provided for due diligence and qualification requirements needed to be OSHA compliant. Visit;

Exam Prep

Practical tests

The practical tests are administered using two methods, Open test sites and Free lance examiners that travel to locations to conduct the practical’s. 

Open test sites, there are currently 33 locations where you and your crew can take the practical exams just about any day of the week. They are listed by state you can view the list here;

Practical Sites

There are 186 practical examiners listed on the NCCCO website, you can call and ask if there are available tests in your area, you have 12 months to pass the practical test from the date you passed the written exam. Freelance Examiners

      Be sure to plan ahead and negotiate the practical exam pricing, the reason being is that the operating costs for the examiners include an audited site, a crane, his/her time and the fees for NCCCO.

I hope this helps, feel free to call or email me with questions.


Robert Slingsby