osha qualified signal person

When to use an OSHA Qualified Signal Person?

An OSHA Qualified Signal Person is required when the load or the area, near lift zone is not in full view of the operator, when the load is in transit and the direction of the movement is obstructed, and when either the operator or the person handling the load believes that a Signal Person should be present because of hazardous site conditions.

Osha Hand Signal

OSHA Hand Signal

Expectations of an OSHA Signal Person

The Signal Person must fully understand the site conditions and evaluate any potential hazards. The Signal Person must be able to relay critical information to the operator. When directing a load to the operator the Signal Person can do so by physically demonstrating hand signals, by using audio communications and by using radio communications on a designated channel. A Qualified Signal Person must be competent in all three areas to be considered a qualified signal person. Conducting these communications to the operator are crucial in preventing hazardous situations. Crane operators need clear, deliberate and intentional direction when operating.

OSHA clearly defines what a signal person is required to know, and how the employer can become compliant.         CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE OSHA FACT SHEET

Certified versus OSHA Qualified Signal Person

A Certified Signal Person is a person who has been trained and tested through an accredited organization known as a third-party proctor. There several accreditation’s that can be used, our online qualified signal person program will fully prepare you for all state and federal signal person exams. We endorse the NCCCO signal person exam.           CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE NCCCO SIGNAL PERSON CERTIFICATION PROGRAM

OSHA Qualified Signal Person is trained and tested using our employer audited program. We at OperatorNetwork provide all the necessary training and testing required to meet an employer audited program. We provide the documentation testing and training needed to meet the OSHA mandate.

OSHA Signal Person Documentation

OSHA requires that a qualified Signal Person program includes all the necessary documentation in the event an audit takes place, or if an accident occurs. The Qualified Signal Person Program must include training records, employee credentials, who trained the employee and what regulations the curriculum followed. This documentation must be kept on site, either electronically or in paper form. OperatorNetwork has you covered, we keep all transcripts, certificates and records for due diligence.