What is a Qualified Rigging Program?

Employer Audited Qualified Rigging is exactly that, a program that is overseen by the employer. OSHA is the regulatory authority that enforces fines which are based on guidelines for safety, operations and activities that the rigging crew conducts. The OperatorNetwork Qualified Rigging Program is designed to help you organize and document the training for OSHA compliance.

The OperatorNetwork online program meets all state and federal qualification requirements. The qualified Rigging program serves as an employer’s Rigging guidebook, everything is kept in one place for easy reference. All employees are trained and tested using metrics that give you a good idea as to their competence and understanding. All this is kept in place, organized in one location, for easy access and referencing.

What an Employer Qualified Rigging Program should include:

Training and testing, you must leverage documentation in the event you are audited for OSHA compliance.  Do you have a Qualified Rigging program that meets the OSHA regulations? As previously stated, documentation is critical, your documentation must include the condition of your Rigging Equipment, periodic rigging hardware inspections, how your employees have been trained and hands on evaluation. OSHA needs to know how you trained your rigging personnel, this training must include all rigging related ASME standards. You and your crew must know and understand the rules and regulations that govern rigging activities. We encourage you to take a two-pronged approach to the qualified rigging program, 1. hands on evaluation and 2. the theory.

Hands-on Qualified Rigging Program

Although rigging principles are universal, the types of loads and rigging hardware may vary by activity. The employer reserves the right to conduct the hands-on assessment based on the activities the Rigger conducts. For example, if your rigger secures rebar and only rebar this would be considered a high repetition lift. The employer must identify the hazards for his or her rigging crew and establish a practical assessment that meets or exceeds what is needed to make him or her safe and productive. This assessment must be documented and kept on file. OperatorNetwork can help you establish a Hands-on program based on your company’s application.

Qualified Rigging Theory

Qualified Riggers are a critical part of a safe lift, the defiance of gravity is what we focus on. Center of gravity and the equipment used to accomplish this. How to inspect and identify hazards, risk assessment, site evaluation, types of rigging, calculations, safe working load limits, crane dynamics and the laws associated with the trade. These are just a few topics that are to be addressed if you are to employ a qualified Rigging program.

If you would like to know more about a Qualified Rigging Program, feel free to contact me for a more detailed description on how to manage a qualified rigging program.


Robert Slingsby