online rigging certification

Online Rigging Certification

You cannot get certified for rigging by using an online rigging certification class.  Anyone who tells you that you can is lying to you. Online Rigging Certification is a myth beware, below is an OSHA fact sheet for review.

There are two reasons folks use online rigging certification courses, they are to:

  1. Qualify Employees, also known as an employer audited qualification program
  2. Prepare for Certification Exams, which are administered by third party proctors, with nationally accredited certification programs

Qualifying Employees who are Rigging Loads

Let’s talk about companies who qualify employees by using online rigging certification courses. Most companies use our online rigging program to ensure that they are up to date with industry standards, compliant with OSHA and the recordkeeping that our safety management system provides. The online rigging certification course also helps cross train those who are transitioning into the trade such as an oiler, skilled tradesman, signal person or laborer. OSHA requires robust documentation on how your crew was trained, who trained them and what skills the trainer has, and most importantly whether the training was compliant with the regulations of our industry. We have your back, touch base if you need more information on how we can team up. The cost for Qualifying employees is far less than certifying employees, the drawback is that the qualification remains with the employer, there is currently no expiration date on qualifications, but OSHA requires retaining at the employer’s discretion. We recommend an annual refresher, just to keep the riggers skills and knowledge base in top shape.

Certified Riggers

In the US, certifications for rigging are based on the same regulations regardless of accreditation. Our online Rigging Certification fully prepares level 1 and 2 Riggers for all state and federal written exams. There are several accredited rigging certifications out there, NCCCO is the big boy on the playground, followed by OECP, NCCER and a few others. If you need a list, feel free to touch base. At this point in time NCCCO is the most recognized, for both union and non-union and is the most tangible, at least for now. As more companies learn about the different accreditations and how they serve the industry, more folks will likely use the other certifying agencies.

We hope this helps in clearing up the fog, feel free to call or email anytime with any questions.


Robert Slingsby