1 Digger Derrick Basics 2 hrs

2 Components 1.5 hrs

3 Inspections 1.5 hrs

4 Site Evaluation 45 mins

5 Electrical Hazards 45 mins

6 Hand Signals 45 mins

7 Stability 30 mins

8 Rigging 1.5 hrs

9 Rigging Hardware 1.5 hrs

10 Load Charts 1.5 hrs




OperatorNetwork provides an affordable online online Digger Derrick Qualification Training Curriculum that serves as a Qualification as well as a Prep course for NCCCO Digger Derrick certification exams. This training platform is designed to verify and validate the training required to meet the OSHA requirements for a Qualified Digger Derrick Operator. Designed to meet all state and federal requirements regardless of accreditation.

Our instructors are on call to assist you and your team to be fully prepared for the written NCCCO exams. Course takes approximately 5-7 hours to complete. You have 90 days to complete this training course.

Simply add the number of licenses you need to your cart and checkout, once the order is complete you will be able to assign the programs to your employees.


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