certified mobile crane operator training

How to become a Certified Mobile Crane Operator

Certified mobile crane operators earn a great living, here are a few options that can help you can become a certified mobile crane operator.

Apprentice Certified Mobile Crane Operator

You can be an Apprentice; this would be administered by the Operating Engineers Crane Program (OECP) click this link to visit their website: https://oecp.org/

Crane Operator Training School

There are several private Certified Mobile Crane Operator training schools to choose from. These schools train the operator in OSHA regulations, ASME standards and provide instructors with enough seat time to pass a practical certification exam, we will discuss how to get certified shortly. Shoot me an email for a list of schools robert@operatornetwork.com

On the Job Training

This option is managed through an employer audited certified mobile crane operator program that provides all the training resources and mentoring needed to help you transition into becoming a  certified crane operator. If you are a qualified rigger or qualified signal person and have undergone Rigging and Signal training, you would be a great candidate for the transition. You or your company can sign up for our online Crane Operator Courses and learn the OSHA Regulations, ASME standards and all the procedures to be safe and sustainable. OperatorNetwork simply takes all the book-work you need and is simplified and read to you with videos, descriptions and graphics. Our crane operator courses include all crane types plus crane tests that prepare you for a safe and productive career in Mobile Crane Operating.

Regardless of the option you choose, an operator must become certified in order to operate a mobile crane. Being certified doesn’t make you a good operator, it simply states that you are legal to operate and that you are aware of the industry standards “ASME” and OSHA regulations, and have passed some tests. These tests consist of a written exam (which is what we specialize in) and a practical exam. If you need a list of written test sites click here: https://www.operatornetwork.com/written-testing-sites/

Send an email if you need a list of practical examiners robert@operatornetwork.com

Become a certified crane operator, its an awesome, very rewarding and pays well!

There are several certifications available to you:

1.NCCCO National commission for the Certification of crane operators

2.CIC Crane Institute Certification

3.NCCER National Center for Construction Education and Research

4.CIC Crane Institute of America

The most recognized certified mobile crane operator program is NCCCO, this may be because they have been certifying operators for the longest time and they are well known throughout the USA. We can go into greater detail regarding which is best, but they all follow ASME standards and OSHA regulations.

They all test on the same fundamental information which is listed below:


ASME B30.3-2009 – Construction Tower Cranes

ASME B30.5-2011 – Mobile and Locomotive Cranes

ASME B30.23-2005 – Personnel Lifting Systems

OSHA Regulations – 29 CFR 1910.147 – The Control of Hazardous Energy (lockout/tag out)

 29 CFR1910.179 – Overhead & Gantry Cranes

 29 CFR 1910.180 – Crawler, Locomotive & Truck Crane

 29 CFR 1926.251 – Rigging Equipment for Material Handling

 29 CFR 1926.1400-1442 – Crane & Derricks in Construction